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Using Skoog in Music Therapy

The Skoog is perfect for clinical music therapy and with practice it can be quickly tailored to suit the immediate physical and emotional needs of the client. Highly portable, it allows you to bypass the playing constraints of conventional musical instruments and elicit a musical response with even the slightest touch on any part of the Skoog, using any part of the body.

There is a direct correlation between physical contact with the Skoog and the sound that is produced. Using either the sophisticated "virtual" musical instruments, samples or MIDI, the Skoog offers dynamic control over musical gestures, encouraging independance, self expression and exploration through musical play.

An attractive and engaging object, the Skoog can be used to draw and hold attention for much longer periods than you would normally expect and can really help to build a relationship with your client using co-improvisation techniques.  It is really simple and intuitive to use and clients are often able to use the Skoog independently with very little external intervention.