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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Yes, the Skoogmusic software works on Windows 7 (both 32 and 64-bit), Vista and XP (SP3). It also works on any Mac from OS 10.4 onwards.

No, rather than pressing a switch and getting the same sound every time, we believe every individual should be able to give their own natural expression to their sound. If you choose to, you can make the Skoog sound different every time you touch it, just by touching it differently.  

The Skoog is sensitive all over (not just the buttons) and works by transmitting your every touch to an array of analogue sensors within that detect where and how you are touching the Skoog.  So, far from being simply on or off, like a switch, the Skoog buttons can be anything in-between, and much more besides.  

Of course, we had a hunch that some of you might want to use the Skoog as a switch from time-to-time, so we went ahead and made this possible. If you want to do this, simply turn up the sensitivity (all the way up to full) on the side or sides you want to behave like a switch. 

No, the upper part of the Skoog cube is made from a stressball-like material and is soft and tactile all over. The base support part has a stiffer "trainer sole" consistency, providing stability and a rubber-like tactile feel.

Sometimes your computer can get overwhelmed by the number of devices connected to it. To make sure your Skoog works with your USB extension/hub, try unplugging other USB devices.

User Guide

Yes, the Skoog relies on powerful  software that runs on the computer. The Skoogmusic software gives the Skoog its ability to be both a truly expressive musical instrument, and allows full user customisation, making it an ideal tool for inclusive music.

The Skoog is a rectangular cuboid measuring 15 cm x 15 cm x18 cm (tall) - roughly the size of a 1kg bag of flour - so it has a reasonable physical presence without being overwhelming.