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Samantha E - 'Don't Stop Believing'

Samantha E here laying down a gold standard in Skoog playing.

This video is form the end of the session we had a few weeks ago, and Journey's 80's epic was not one of her tunes she was planning to Skoog, but we had some time at the end and it is always a favorite of mine. I was quite simply blown away by this rendition both vocal and Skoog.

Some lovely little extras on Skoog and some soloing along with the various guitar parts. Sam really using the Skoog as her instrument, accompanying herself and having a great time.

Special Children
Skoog Review

On her experience of using the Skoog with one particular pupil, Edinburgh based teacher Wendy Whyte writes:

When she plays the Skoog, she becomes graceful, confident and at ease with herself. It's wonderful to watch.

Autism, Music & Skoog

The Skoog can provide a valuable tool for non-verbal communication and self-expression for many with ASD. The shape, colour and tactile nature of the Skoog are key factors in working with children with autism, helping to establish a safe point of interaction between the teacher/therapist/carer and the child.