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Ian Ritchie

I have had the privilege to observe and support the development and use of assistive technology for musicians over a period of more than 15 years. In the belief that this represents a vital new frontier for the creation and performance of music, irrespective of 'ability', I have made it my business to try to bring such new instruments and, most recently, the Skoog into the public arena with performances on major platforms.

Using Skoog with individuals with PMLD

You can play the Skoog using any part of your body. By touching, squashing, shaking or tapping with your hand, foot, knee or even your chin, the Skoog encourages users to explore the different ways of interacting with it. Dynamic and responsive, it can help to develop physical and communication skills, all in the context of a fun multi-sensory musical environment.

Nigel Osborne MBE

A new instrument for established musicians, and new ways for all to play.

Prof. Nigel Osborne MBE - Reid Professor of Music at University of Edinburgh