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Down's Syndrome

Skoog and Downs Syndrome

Music plays a vital role in the lives of many individuals with Down’s syndrome. For some, engaging in creative music making can be restricted by the knowledge or discipline required to develop an instrumental skill. The Skoog removes that barrier, providing an intuitive and accessible platform for music making, either individually or with others, whilst maintaining the opportunity for progression and development.

Multi-sensory, fun & robust

Case Study
Down's Syndrome

Case study describing 2 sessions - introductory and follow up - engaging in musical play with a visually impaired child who has Down's Syndrome.

Young and Able
Product Review

This is more than just a sound making object, it’s a great way for young people to be introduced to making expressive sounds, and in time, music... The Skoog, though silly and fun loving on the outside, contains within it the serious potential to turn anyone into a musician and enjoy the satisfaction of musical expression.

Young and Able Magazine (Sept 2010) - ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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