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"I wana live in A-me-ri-ca, ok by me in A-me-ri-ca...!"

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After appearing at this year's NSBA Annual Conference in San Francisco and the Closing the Gap conference in October, the Skoog is now available to customers right across the USA.
As well as making show stopping appearances at NSBA and CTG, the Skoog has also made cameo appearances at ISTE and a host of other regional shows.

Skoog News Skoog News

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Skoogmusic team is celebrating Thanksgiving in style this year with a duet on 'We Gather Together'!

Dr Schogler's Tour of the USA

In October of this year, Dr Ben Schogler - co-inventor of the Skoog - made the cross atlantic trip to the USA where he met a whole host of musicians, schools and therapists as well as Skoog distributors and supporters.

During his whistle-stop tour Ben visited the following schools: St. Teresa's School, Fairlawn Early Learning Center, St. Joans School , St. James School and in addition to Bradley Hospital, Center for Autism,, Northern Rhode Island Collaborative, and TechACCESS, , where everyone had the chance to play Skoog for themselves.

Ben also met up with the team at SOUNDTREE who will be adding the Skoog into their online and hard-copy catalogues in the very near future. Look out for news on this coming soon!

Skoog distributors Tool Factory invited Ben to join them at “Closing the Gap”, a Special ED trade fair & conference that took place October 12-15th. Ben and the Tool Factory team actually ran out of Skoog promotional material due to high demand and positive response from educators.

Ben presented a 1 hour accessible music session to a full house (standing room only) where the Skoog was very well received.

"Awesome! Very inclusive!"
- Mary Soeelman, Elm Christian School


June 25 – July 4 2011
Team USA play Skoog at the Special Olympics World Sumer Games, Athens 2011
American Athletes at the Special Olympics World Summer Games 2011 were offered the opportunity to try the Skoog as a way of providing a fun and stimulating activity to help relaxation, support team building and engage with the wider cultural aspects of the Olympics. Supported by local community musicians trained in the art of Skoog, the US Athletes and delegates were able to try this revolutionary new piece of technology for themselves as part of the entertainments on offer in the wider cultural programme surrounding the event. See them in action here:

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Skoog Events Skoog Events


  • December 3rd 2011 - Alice Hammel presents Skoog at the New York State School Music Association in Rochester, New York
  • November 16th-18th 2011- Alice Hammel presents Skoog at the Virginia Music Educators Association Conference
  • November 8th 2011 - Alice Hammel presents Skoog to the band directors of Fairfax County.


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Who's Who? Who's Who?

So who is Skooging in the US….?

Dr. Alice M. Hammel

Dr. Alice M. Hammel is a leader in the field of students with special needs and music. Alice currently teaches for James Madison University, Christopher Newport University and St. Andrews School and has many years of experience teaching both instrumental and choral music at the elementary and middle school levels in public and private schools.
Pursuing a lifelong interest in the needs of students with special needs, Dr. Hammel has presented her research at more than 50 state and national conferences. Her research focus is the adaptation of methods and materials for students with special needs,learning styles, and teacher education and preparation.
We are thrilled to say that Alice is also a Skoog advocate and often presents the Skoog during her talks and presentations.

You will find Alice and her Skoog at the following events:

  • December 3rd 2011- Presenting Skoog at the New York State School Music Association in Rochester, New York
  • November 16th-18th 2011- Presenting Skoog at the Virginia Music Educators Association Conference
  • November 8th 2011 - Presenting Skoog to the band directors of Fairfax County.



Nordoff Robins USA

The US based Nordoff Robbins team have been using Skoog.

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Reviews Reviews

What did they say?!

"Thank you for thinking through and developing a product with such versatility!"
- Mary Boberg, Keystone Area Education Agency 1

"Awesome! Very inclusive!"
- Mary Soeelman, Elm Christian School

"The Skoog helps us to discover the music inside each of us and gives us the tools we need to share that music with the rest of the world."
- John Huth, Special Needs Consultant

"What a great tool!"
- Theresa Beastrom, Pierre Public Schools

“Because the Skoog software can be customized to the needs of the individual, it opens up a world of potential for learners unable to play traditional instruments”
- Kendra Ericson - Director of Educational Services, Tool Factory

"The Skoog as absolutely amazing! Thank you Matt for bringing John Huth and the Skoog to our classroom. Everyone would love this!"
- SOURCE - Autism America FB page

"Finally, we have a potential assistive technology tool for students with moderate to severe special needs that allows students to make a meaningful contribution within the musical classroom or ensemble. The Skoog can be calibrated to meet the movement needs of all students and the potential for true timbre sounds for use in musical settings is exciting. I look forward to continuing to explore the many applications of this engaging new technology."
- Dr. Alice Hammel

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Skoog Pics Skoog Pics

Skoog Pics
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