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Brett Domino
Hey Ya! (OutKast)

Musician, internet celebrity and TV presenter Brett Domino has been working his awkward magic on a brilliant rendition of the OutKast tune “Hey Ya!” using just Skoogs for accompaniment. In the style of André 3000, Brett has used the Skoog to perform all the parts of the track along with his own vocals. Pretty clever!

Brett has been featured a number of times as part of BBC Radio 1's Chris Moyles  Show, and in 2009 the band appeared on ITV's Britain’s Got Talent, performing live as the house band on two episodes of ITV2's sister show, Britain's Got More Talent, in the final week.

I have no idea what this is...

The Skoog is a soft, pliable, cube-shaped musical instrument designed specifically for use in mainstream and special needs music education, music therapy and musical performance settings.  For many, one of the greatest barriers to music is the physical dexterity required to play traditional musical instruments. What the Skoog does is to remove that barrier allowing the player to make use of one of their greatest gifts, their imaginations. 

How do you play?

The Skoog allows players to easily affect the dynamics, timbre, attack and tempo of the sound just as with any standard musical instrument, making it an ideal expressive tool for people with physical and learning disabilities. 

Fully adjustable sensitivity

The Skoog can be set up for use by anyone: including those with a very limited range of movement or a lack of fine motor control. Any part of the body can be used to play: chins, elbows, noses and toeses.

Awesome range of instruments

  • Physical Modelling Synthesis (for awesome timbral and dynamic control)
  • Sampling (for awesome sample recording, scrubbing and playback) 
  • MIDI (for awesome control of your own synths, samplers, logic, garageband, well... whatever you want, so long as it's MIDI)

The Skoog allows the player to manipulate and control the sound by touching and tweaking, crushing or bashing the surface of the Skoog (depending on individual style, of course). 


Lend me some sugar.  I am your neighbour.

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